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There is Audrey, hair blowing in the wind and with a determined air. There is Karine who laughs, cries and smiles beautifully. There is Leïla, a super mum as soon as she wakes to the morning alarm. There is Fanny who makes a man's heart miss a beat. There is Anouk who runs around (for her children, the bus, trying to save time...).

You recognize all of these women! They are your sisters, your childhood girlfriends and your colleagues. They are like YOU! Natural. Unique. Complaining. Overworked. Organised. Solitary. Free. And an inspiration for our design studio, drawing an accessible collection each season, so colourful and definitely COOL CHIC!

Cool chic, is a whole mindset: French feminine allure, audacious mixing and matching, a bohemian traveller vibe, impertinent colour shades, faraway patterns, chic detailing, gentle fashion twists… and you are free to change your style, whenever you like!


Francis-Charles Pollet, Founder

« your smile is our best reward »
In 1975, Francis-Charles Pollet opened the very first Promod store, inviting women to discover quality feminine fashions, beautifully colourful and yet accessible. Since then, the family history has continued when his only son, Julien, was nominated as president of Promod in 2018. Thanks to all the staff, the brand reflects a passion for fabrics, a positive energy, a friendly smile and the captivating desire to be forward-thinking!

Julien Pollet, President

« Together, every day, let's share integrity and a sense of goodness and wellbeing »



Like you, we want to change! Becoming a good corporate citizen brand, innovative and eco-responsible, but it doesn't all happen overnight. How to pollute less? Be more equitable? Show more solidarity? Yet still stay true to our values of quality and innovation? All through strong commitment, of course. And it all starts right now... with and for you!


Marcq-en-Barœul, a town anchored in textile history, is where our designers create and design every new collection. Seeking fabulous fabrics (natural, of high quality…), having a sense of detail (ribbons, lace, braids…), creating unique patterns, tailoring for ease of fit, doing quality control of products: Promod's designer savoir-faire has made all the difference since 1975!


We work with suppliers from all over the world, chosen for their expertise and respect for ethical and human aspects. Social and environmental audits complete our technical specifications. Mindful of animal welfare, we have decided to never use fur, mohair, cashmere or angora in any collection.


Online and on social networks… more and more of you are liking us. Today, we want to go further: listen to you more, hear your opinions of us, involve you in the design of our collections. For all of these reasons, we have launched our participative community online. Join us for these new experiences, created for you by Promod for all of us women together...