H body shape

Shoulders and hips nicely in line. Your waist is not particularly in evidence but the outline is dynamic! Tall or petite, thin or more athletic, your outline, also called a «rectangle», is nicely balanced with shoulders and hips in line.

See how to best choose your clothes and accessories to show off your H body shape.

Highlight curves to soften the androgynous look and highlight the upper and lower parts of your outfit.
To avoid
anything that appears long and structured!
Forget straight dresses, horizontal stripes, tube dresses, figure-hugging clothes or heavy masculine fabrics like tweed and head-to-toe monochromatic looks. Belts can also be a bad choice, cutting your body in two and attracting attention to a non-curvy waist.
To love
everything that emphasizes your curves more, creating feminine allure!

Discover your perfect jeans!