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Front view - Lace-ups with floral detail
Total look view - Lace-ups with floral detail
Back view - Lace-ups with floral detail

Product details


This season, invest in high-fashion footwear! Masculine-inspired flat lace-ups. With pinholed patterns. Laces. Flap. Curved toe. Deep wedge sole. Go utterly fashionable with florals, wild animal prints or bold accessories.

  • Reference PROMOD ® : 1-2-29-00-05-041
  • Colour: Pale pink


Uppers100% polyurethane. Lining 100% polyurethane. Inner sole 100% polyurethane. Outer sole 100% rubber.



Sole approx 3cm.

* Offer valid from 28/03/2019 until stock lasts.